Reflections on the NMG Development Programme
Reflections on the NMG Development Programme



The NMG Development Programme has now come to an end 😢. This lovely short film by Freddy Griffiths features NMG associates Aisling Ward, Millie Quick, Roo Dhissou and Sahjan Kooner, Programme Coordinator Colette Griffin and Programme Assistant Chloe Willis who share some thoughts on their experiences of the project.

New Midland Group and our consortium partners BACKLIT, One Thoresby Street and Primary want to thank every artist, arts worker and organisation that supported and championed this pilot project.

Over the last 18 months activity has supported x15 associates from across the Midlands, x12 bursary recipients and various publics who engaged with a free programme of events and activity, all with a focus on providing routes into contemporary art and better understanding the value of artist development.

NMG associates were: Aisling Ward, Clare West, Faye Rita Robinson, Hannah Sarah Day, Jas Lucas, Ismail Khokon, Melaine Wheeler, Millie Quick, Miffy Ryan, Rhiannon May Rees, Roo Dhissou, Ryan Heath, Sahjan Kooner, Shadia HousseinThorn Greensides.

NMG bursary artists were: Tom Harris, Seema Mattu, Sean Roy Parker, Lisa Selby, Dudley, Roo Dhissou, Sahjan Kooner, Matt Woodham, Benjamin Shirley-Quirk, Gabriella Davies, Charlie Dean & Rebecca Jarman.

Activity was supported by partners including: Artcore, Forth, Bonington Gallery, NN Contemporary, Nottingham Contemporary, No Jobs in the Arts, Two Queens & Eastside Projects.

Workshops & discussions were facilitated by: Suhail Malik, Tirdad Zolghadr, Sally O’Reilly, Rachel Jacobs, Giles Lane, Ellen Angus, Susan Schuppli, Andrea Luka Zimmerman, Rosalie Schweiker & Morgan Quaintance.

Browse our website for digital resources and details of past events and activity, which included screenings, workshops, artist talks, exhibitions, performance, residencies and more.


Videography Freddy Griffiths, audio Tom Harris & Sean Roy Parker.