POSTPONED | Charlie Dean | Triple Pop Colossus

The first solo exhibition by video and performance artist Charlie Dean. Through video, sound and sculpture, heads are threatened off of necks, feelings are taken hostage, a talent agent runs ruthless and hybrids are born, all while pop music serves as relief and riddle.
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Gabriella Davies | Blue Italian

Blue Italian is a short film by artist and filmmaker Gabriella Davies exploring Italian migration to the midlands through her late Nonno’s 8mm home videos.
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Matt Woodham & Benjamin Shirley-Quirk | Il.Luminar

Thanks to recent advances in semantic enrichment technology, researchers Matt Woodham and Benjamin Shirley-Quirk have reconstructed a kinetic, interactive lantern from plans found in manuscript fragments dating from the 7th to 16th centuries.
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Andrea Luka Zimmerman | Art Class: Screening and Q&A

'Art Class' is a performance lecture film playing on, and exploring, the perennial tension between the two key words in its title. It tests the limits of access that working-class artists have to cultural production and to the relevant institutions circulating these outcomes.
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Release Room

NMG R&D Bursary recipients Seema Mattu,Tom Harris and Sean Roy Parker will meet in person for the first time for an improvised audio-visual performance, collating elements of their independent work made over the winter.
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Morgan Quaintance | Loss and Grief

Can exploring experiences of loss and grief, through an autobiographical lens, offer artists a way to connect with audiences, themselves and each other after nearly two-years of pandemic isolation? Artist and writer Morgan Quaintance will talk through his own process of using personal experiences, discussing the benefits and personal hazards of mining what might be identified as depressive emotional states, to create work that facilitates positive and potentially supportive relationships and new interpersonal connections.
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