Listening Space Open Call & Event with NMG R&D Bursary Recipient Tom Harris

NMG and experimental sound artist Tom Harris are delighted to share an Open Call for sound works, with submissions being open to creatives based in the East Midlands. Deadline to submit is Sunday 28 November 2021.

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Combining Scientific and Artistic Approaches to Climate Change, with Susan Schuppli

Susan Schuppli's artist talk focuses on the body of research and work developed through the “Learning from Ice” project, which includes a documentary film shot in the Canadian Ice Core Archive and a US geochemistry lab (2019), followed by research into the changing conditions of sea ice and glacial retreat in the Svalbard Arctic Archipelago (2020).
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Get The Dark Out, Lisa Selby & Dudley

Nottingham-based artist Lisa and Dudley have created a new series of work with a focus on changing public perceptions around addiction and incarceration, helping to connect people who are affected by these issues. The artists chose to use this period to care for themselves through practice, to then help others to process, reflect and make – making trauma count in society.
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Artist Statement Writing: The Art of Becoming That Which One is not and that Which One Already Is

Ellen Angus will help us to reflect on the many different iterations of an artist statement, a ‘piece of writing’ that often uncomfortably pins down our practice. Constantly shifting, an artist statement takes on different shapes, masks, performances over time.
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Writing For Voice & Writing About the Artwork of Others | A Toolkit by Sally O’Reilly

Writer Sally O’Reilly delivered a two-part in-person workshop at Primary, Nottingham for our NMG associates. The day was split into two sessions – the morning session focused on writing for voice, the afternoon session on writing about the artwork of others. Though the two are intertwined this meant we could work with both writing as practice and writing on practice.
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Announcing the NMG Development Programme Bursary Recipients

New Midland Group is delighted to announce 12 bursary recipients supported by NMG Development Programme, funded by Arts Council England. This opportunity will support a group of practitioners and creatives to broaden their understanding of artistic and interdisciplinary research and development, production and collaboration.
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