The Role of Contemporary Art in Gentrification, Urban Development & Land Grabs with Tirdad Zolghadr

Tirdad Zolghadr will speak about contemporary art’s complicity with gentrification schemes and the role it has to play in land grabs and urban development.
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Announcing the NMG Development Programme Associates

We are delighted to announce the NMG Development Programme Associates. Over the next 12 months the cohort will benefit from a slate of activity including mentoring, collaboration and professional development with a focus on interdisciplinary research, redefining collaborative practice and building confidence.
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Art in cities: A short history and some current predicaments with Suhail Malik

Suhail Malik will speak about how cultural and artistic production can no longer be concentrated in the 'world cities' that nonetheless use art and culture to sell themselves.
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NMG Development Programme Associates | OPEN CALL

NMG is looking for applications from established artists and individuals with an interest in working in contemporary art, with an emphasis on creatives who have not engaged in formal arts education or are from backgrounds currently under-represented within the sector.
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New Midland Group Website Designer

NMG is looking for a Midlands-based website designer to redevelop the consortium’s website ahead of the launch of the NMG City Pilot Programme.
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An afternoon of conversations and activity, which will provide an insight into artist-led activity in Nottingham. Together with David McLeavy (Young Artists in Conversation), The White Pube, 4/4, Chaos Magic, and the UKYA New Collectives we will consider what the artist-led culture of the city is and how this has changed over recent years; what the term artist-led means now, and how we embody it; and, perhaps most importantly, what it will look like in the future.
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