Republic of Learning – Atmospheric Commons Workshop

The workshop will explore our past and present impacts on the Earth's atmosphere - personally, locally and globally. We then seek to imagine whatever comes next… making artistic/craft based responses that combine scientific data with our own questions and stories about the future.
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Artist Statement Writing: The Art of Becoming That Which One is not and that Which One Already Is

Ellen Angus will help us to reflect on the many different iterations of an artist statement, a ‘piece of writing’ that often uncomfortably pins down our practice. Constantly shifting, an artist statement takes on different shapes, masks, performances over time.
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Writing For Voice & Writing About the Artwork of Others | A Toolkit by Sally O’Reilly

Writer Sally O’Reilly delivered a two-part in-person workshop at Primary, Nottingham for our NMG associates. The day was split into two sessions – the morning session focused on writing for voice, the afternoon session on writing about the artwork of others. Though the two are intertwined this meant we could work with both writing as practice and writing on practice.
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Announcing the NMG Development Programme Bursary Recipients

New Midland Group is delighted to announce 12 bursary recipients supported by NMG Development Programme, funded by Arts Council England. This opportunity will support a group of practitioners and creatives to broaden their understanding of artistic and interdisciplinary research and development, production and collaboration.
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Writing Workshops with Sally O’Reilly

Sally O’Reilly will deliver two writing workshops over the course of day that respond to the interests and desires of the NMG associate cohort. Sally O’Reilly is a writer-maker of fiction, essays, videos, opera libretti, art criticism, performances and hybrid text-image-sound forms that interleave the theoretical, the technical, the comic, the fantastical, the psycho-social.
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NMG Development Programme R&D Bursaries

NMG is pleased to announce a call for submissions for three Research and Development (R&D) Bursaries. This opportunity will support recipients to broaden their understanding of artistic and interdisciplinary research, and ambitious experimentation, building confidence for artists based in the Midlands to invest in developing their practice now. Recipients will carry out a period of R&D between August 2021 – January 2022, with the opportunity to share or further explore work developed with NMG during a public event in January 2022.
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