NMG Development Programme R&D Bursaries
NMG Development Programme  R&D Bursaries



Application Deadline:  Monday 5 July 2021, 12 noon
Responses Sent: Monday 26 July 2021, 5pm
Artist Fee: £800


About New Midland Group:

New Midland Group (NMG) is a consortium of three artist-led organisations located in Nottingham: Backlit, One Thoresby Street and Primary. We work together to develop the profile and sustainability of contemporary visual arts in the Midlands, through research, activity and opportunities that are additional to the three organisations’ work.


New Midland Group Development Programme:

Over the next 12 months NMG will continue to deliver a project intended to support established artists, individuals with an interest in working in contemporary art and anyone in between. There is an emphasis on creatives who have not engaged in formal arts education or are from backgrounds currently underrepresented within the sector. Through this programme NMG is focused on providing routes into contemporary art and better understanding and articulating the value of artist development.

The programme centres around a group of core associates who are offered a slate of activity including mentoring, collaboration and professional development with a focus on interdisciplinary research, redefining collaborative practice and building confidence, as well as sustainability, both artistic and environmental.

The project also includes an expansive public programme of free discussions, workshops and events taking place both online and across partner venues, plus bursary opportunities open to practitioners based in the Midlands.


Opportunity Overview:

NMG is pleased to announce a call for submissions for three Research and Development (R&D) Bursaries. This opportunity will support recipients to broaden their understanding of artistic and interdisciplinary research, and ambitious experimentation, building confidence for artists based in the Midlands to invest in developing their practice now. Recipients will carry out a period of R&D between August 2021 – January 2022, with the opportunity to share or further explore work developed with NMG during a public event in January 2022. Support package for selected artists:

  • £800 artist fee.
  • 1-2-1 support throughout from NMG.
  • Access to additional mentoring provided by NMG and project partners.
  • Opportunity to work with the NMG associates cohort.
  • Opportunity to participate in a public sharing event for R&D Bursary recipients in January 2022, to take place at a NMG consortium partner venue (Backlit, One Thoresby Street or Primary).


Who are we looking to support?

NMG is looking for applications from artists, performers, practitioners and researchers working within contemporary art, living or professionally based in the Midlands. There are x3 R&D Bursaries available through this opportunity. 

The NMG Development Programme has an emphasis on creatives who have not engaged in formal arts education or are from backgrounds currently under-represented within the sector.


For more information on the open call and how to apply, please access the documents below. Read the open call and application information carefully before submitting:

Please direct any inquiries to info@newmidlandgroup.co.uk  

We look forward to hearing from you.