Listening Space: Twelfth Wealth
Listening Space: Twelfth Wealth



Sunday 12 December
12 noon – 6pm
One Thoresby Street, Nottingham, NG1 1AJ
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Join NMG R&D Bursary Recipient Tom Harris in exploring deep listening environments. For Listening Space: Twelfth Wealth experimental sound artist Tom Harris presents a collection of his music accompanied by visuals created by Nottingham-based artist Roger Suckling and collaborators. 

Expect a dynamic listening experience that stretches your imagination and challenges the way we hear and listen. The listening space hosts a surround sound system, asking for focussed listening and attention.

The music presented by Tom Harris will include a collection of three albums, created between 2017 – 2021, an accumulation of recorded works which written through improvisations and mostly recorded onto analogue tape. The recordings where made with analogue hardware avoiding the use of DAW’s and digital sequencers, this mean’t for a tactile approach to production process and increased ‘feeling’ in the sound.

Part of a series of listening events taking place in Nottingham, supported by the NMG Development Programme.