Announcing the NMG Development Programme Associates
Announcing the NMG Development Programme Associates



We are delighted to announce the NMG Development Programme Associates. Over the next 12 months the cohort will benefit from a slate of activity including mentoring, collaboration and professional development with a focus on interdisciplinary research, redefining collaborative practice and building confidence, as well as sustainability, both artistic and environmental.

The associate cohort will work together and with NMG to shape the Development Programme and its legacy. We met last week for the first time to begin to think about how we can do this!

NMG associates are:

Aisling Ward (@aislingrward), Becky Greensides, Clare West (@clare__west), Faye Rita Robinson (@fr_robinson), Hannah Sarah Day (@hannahsarahday), Jas Lucas (@jas_lucas_), Md Ismail Hossen Khokon, Melaine Wheeler (@melanieonland), Millie Quick (@millie_quick), Miffy Ryan (@miffyryan), Rhiannon May Rees (@rhiannonmayrose), Rupi Dhillon (@rupidh), Ryan Heath (@ryangjheath_), Sahjan Kooner & Shadia Houssein.

The NMG Development Programme (2021-22) will include an expansive programme of free discussions, workshops and activities centred around NMG associates and available to the general public, plus bursary opportunities open to practitioners based in the Midlands. Funded by Arts Council England and supported by a growing number of partners from across the region and beyond.

Image credit: Cohort whiteboard activity: Thinking about ‘Best Practice’ – ways we can work together, promoting and establishing a space of mutual care and support throughout.
Announcing the NMG Development Programme Associates
Announcing the NMG Development Programme Associates



New Midland Group (NMG) is a consortium of three artist-led organisations located in Nottingham: Backlit, One Thoresby Street, and Primary. We work together to develop the profile and sustainability of contemporary visual arts in the Midlands, through research, activity, and opportunities that are additional to the three organisations’ work.

NMG is looking for a Midlands-based website designer to redevelop the consortium’s website ahead of the launch of the NMG City Pilot Programme. The programme will develop over the course of the project, centring around a group of core participants who will be offered a slate of activity including mentoring, collaboration, and professional development.  

The website redevelopment will play a central role in increasing the reach of both NMG and the project. The website will: 

  • House resources and documentation of past and upcoming projects and events.

  • Act as a platform for both live and recorded online events and activities.

  • Increase NMG’s visibility and develop its public profile across the Midlands, nationally and internationally as a platform for excellence in artist development.

  • Promote opportunities delivered through the NMG City Pilot Programme.

  • Be simple to update with regular content, news and visuals.

  • Be shaped by NMG City Pilot Programme associates. Associates will work with the Programme Coordinator, who will update the site following its redevelopment.

  • Align with and support NMG’s social media output and an expanding mailing list.

  • Be reviewed as part of a wider consortium consultation process and by Near Now, who will provide digital consultation 

For more information on the open call and how to apply, please download the documents below.

Please read the open call and application information carefully before applying, and send any enquiries to We look forward to hearing from you.

Deadline for applications: Sunday 24 January 2021, 5pm
Response sent to applicants: Friday 29 January 2021
Work to be carried out: February-March 2021
Website Designer Fee: £1250