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POSTPONED | Charlie Dean | Triple Pop Colossus

The first solo exhibition by video and performance artist Charlie Dean. Through video, sound and sculpture, heads are threatened off of necks, feelings are taken hostage, a talent agent runs ruthless and hybrids are born, all while pop music serves as relief and riddle.
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Gabriella Davies | Blue Italian

Blue Italian is a short film by artist and filmmaker Gabriella Davies exploring Italian migration to the midlands through her late Nonno’s 8mm home videos.
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(ASTRAL VILLAGE) slooooowwww | Roo Dhissou & Sahjan Kooner

Roo Dhissou and Sahjan Kooner have created a dreamlike exhibition that weaves narratives through the lens of North India. The work travels from a cyborg in Punjab through to a black hole at the centre of the galaxy. Recurrent ideas of the celestial, community and migratory are transformed through craft based practices and digital environments.
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